Laguna Cliff Marriott Stay

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10/07/16 -        Deposit - No itemization of pricing; only reflects the additional first night rate of $403.00 (the event rate was not available for the first                       night of our stay.  This is what we added with the above noted change) - there was no further itemization on the prepayment confirmation.


10/07/16  -       Check In - rates were not reviewed by Agent at check-in


10/08/16   -      Upon speaking with other attendees, realized the prepay seemed high.Spoke with Desk Associate (young man with continental first name) and asked to review rates; upon review found they were incorrectly    charged and then explained there must have been confusion as we only accepted a higher rate for the first night when we changed the reservation.  He said to speak with Manager.

Several hours later spoke with Manager (Blond woman) - explained  situation, showed her original reservation, was assured that rate would be adjusted for event stay.


10/09/16 -        Returned to front desk, agent (brunette woman) - said yes, rate had in fact been changed.  And that an adjustment would be reflected in my final bill.


10/12/16  -     Was informed at check out that no credits were issued and we owed new charges - (we knew there would be charges during the  stay but they would have been less that the actual balance if credit had been adjusted properly).  I in fact left a low balance credit card in anticipation of a credit. Upon further review found that we were charged for 2 cars (only had one) - credit since issued Misc. over charge for Resort - credit since issued




On three separate occasions I spoke with desk personal.  On two occasions I was assured of a forthcoming credit.


Over the course of correspondence I was told that I was informed that only the last night would be adjusted properly.  That was not the case in any of my conversations.


In one correspondence, it was said I had a room with a view.  Many individuals attending the event had rooms with a view.  We filled the hotel. While we're talking about the room; I don't know about the other room reserved but  my room was located over a service kitchen.  The first night the clanging of pots went on way into the night and again early the next morning when the clanging started again and our room filled with the smells of cooking.  Not exactly a peaceful stay.  Our bed seemed to gravitate away from the wall nightly.


An example: Upon arrival there was no one available to unload our car. There were several carts on the steps so we assumed we were to do this ourselves.  Which we did and after retrieving our room keys rolled our luggage to an elevator when a bellman came running after us exclaiming we're supposed to do that for you.  Well, where were you for the last 15 minutes?


While the staff included may lovely people, this stay was fraught with a problematic lack of procedure.  From a lack of itemization on the prepay to, overcharging, to missing bell staff.


While I will admit apparently our ex-employee confused the reservation by adding the additional night outside of the room block at the outset of the visit, we clearly had the event rate confirmed.


Three different representatives told me they understood the situation and assured me it would be rectified as I stood at the desk.  The minute I leave they forgot these conversations?


Imagine my shock to find that this was a corporate property.  My experiences with the Marriott brand have always been outstanding.  My hotels of choice are the Ritz (the gold standard is legendary) and JW and many in the autograph collection.  I often place my employees in Courtyards and Fairfield Suites. 


I am aggravated and dismayed with the way I have been treated with respect to this stay.  If it were an insignificant amount I would not care and would caulk it up to just another travel headache.  But that is simply not the case.  To have Mr. Samuels say he has reviewed the matter with no further action to be taken is down right unprofessional and disrespectful.