Our whirlwind gothic cathedral tour in Northern France

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Hello Insiders! I haven't been on for awhile, as most of our travel involves basketball, track, and baseball tournaments, now that the kids are older. But, we are taking a last minute trip to France, as the big guys are studying Gothic architecture, and we want to take them to see some history in person. Professor, Chiara, I wish we could bring you along, and I know that many of you have been to these places Outside of Paris....Jerrycoin, phtourist, Pluto, etc, etc. I have read up on some of the threads, but not all, so any tips would be great. I can't change our itinerary, as bookings have been made, and are non refundable at this point. We will be staying at some Mercure hotels, as there weren't Marriotts in all towns, so that will be interesting. So far, all of my correspondence with them has been outstanding.


Here is our plan...


After a round table discussion with the kids at home, we asked them what would disappoint them most, if they didn't get to see it. So, we based our plans on that. Traveling with kids, it is always good to keep them involved and engaged. Happy kids make happy travels! And there is so much to do in France, we can't really go wrong. So here it is!

Day 1: Arrive at CDG, rent car. Drive to Reims. We could take the route through Soisson for lunch and the cathedral or just get to Reims, and go to St. Remi, place du Tau, and of course, the cathedral(which will be illuminated at night). If we have time, and I can book something, maybe a champagne cave tour(we have toured Moët before).

Day 2: drive and stay in Amiens, stopping at Laon on our way. Go to the Amiens Cathedral for audio guide tour, and later it will be all lit up at night!

Day 3: drive and stay in Rouen at the Hotel de Bourgtheroulde, Autograph Collection. It looks beautiful.  Tour ther cathedral. We want to walk the areas of St. Joan of Arc. Has anyone been to the new Jaon of Arc museum? Panorama XXL? We will also check out St Maclou, and the Abbey.

Day 4: drive and stay in Mont San Michel. Mass at the Abbey. Saltwater, grass fed lamb for dinner. Yum!

Day 5: drive to Paris, stopping at Chartres for a tour and hopefully see the crypt on the way.

We will stay at the Renaissance favorite location of all the Marriott family. Marina and Amandine have been outstanding preparing our stay. Relax in Paris for five nights, seeing friends, eating good food, relaxing, and going to St. Denis, and many Gothic churches in Paris. Maybe even take the train to Chartres for a day trip if we want to spend more time there.

Return home.   

We are all really excited! The older two have been to Mont San Michel when they were really little. We have some great pictures. They can't wait to go again, and bring their seven year old brother! They still have the wooden swords and Mont San Michel shields we bought them when we were there long ago. And they remember the beautiful Mass we went to at the Abbey, where the nuns asked the boys to bring up lit candles to the altar during the offertory. Precious memories. We hope to make many more on this trip!

Happly travels, and happy holidays to all,