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JW Houston Walked Me!  Help!

Question asked by clebert on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by techie

So after seeing the TIPPLE pics and rave reviews of the JW Marriott in downtown Houston I booked 2 rooms for 2 nights, starting tonight.  I used the app to check in and said I'd be arriving around 9pm.  We showed up at the appointed time only to learn that there was some sort of water/plumbing problem and the property was not taking guests.  So they offered a driver to take us to another nearby hotel, and they had a list of options none of which were anywhere as nice as the JW.  For example, SHS and CY.  The best looking option was the Four Seasons, so I selected that.  Got to the Four Seasons to learn it's under construction and in the middle of a remodel.  Plus, no CL or free breakfast or upgrade or MR elite nights or MR points.  And this is not one of the nicer Four Seasons (thus the need for the remodel I guess) so the whole thing is pretty disappointing. 


MR guarantees me some sort of payment of cash or MR points since the hotel couldn't honor the reservation, right?  How do I collect?  Do I get this for both rooms for both nights?


Also, I had a mysterious missed call on my cell phone at 8am this morning but the caller did not leave a message, and the caller ID didn't register a name.  I didn't think much of it until now, so I googled the number and sure enough, it was the JW Houston calling this morning at 8am.  So why didn't they leave a message?  I could have switched my reservation to the other JW or another Marriott property or at least known in advance what the options were.  Seems very odd that they'd bother to call but not leave a message.


Any advice on collecting any comp/points due would be appreciated please!