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HIE Herndon/Reston Virginia to be reflagged as Fairfield Inn

Question asked by insertcoffee on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by yogib

The HIE property on Elden Street in Herndon VA is undergoing renovation and will be reflagged as a FFI. Colleagues who live in the area mentioned it is completely closed while reno takes place. My understanding is ownership will remain the same, though I've not attempted to verify.


Not sure of opening date. Perhaps one of the mods carat andrewt communitymanagers deannad etc could add some additional information. F


This area has a Residence Inn on the other side of a mini-mall parking lot (different ownership), and another select service property about a mile away sharing a parking lot with a Hilton  in an area largely populated by fortified government buildings. It is about ten-fifteen minutes away from IAD, so might represent another nice option for Park and Fly folks and others on leisure as well as obvious business stays.


NOTE:  Dropdown does not let me select the proper brand of hotel, since this activity has not yet concluded. Another IT improvement opportunity.