Vacations by Marriott Question

Discussion created by ncradit on Dec 4, 2016
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I have an upcoming 7-day trip to Paris over New Year's eve that was booked as a package through Vacations by Marriott. Though I entered my MR number on the reservation, it is not showing up in my MR account online or in my upcoming reservations in the Marriott iPhone app. I can find the reservation by confirmation number, but I'm concerned that it's not linked to my MR account in any way. I'll be platinum elite by the time of the stay, and want to make sure there's lounge access, a potential room upgrade, etc.


I called Marriott and got transferred around, finally being told to just trust that my status was on file with the hotel despite that it's not showing up on my end, or in the app, or anything. I'd also like to be able to use mobile check in, as we're arriving early in the day and I've had great luck with that service in all my past stays.


Has anyone else booked a package through Vacations by Marriott and run into similar issues? Any advice on what I should do? Thanks!