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Gaylord Orlando, Marriott system "Customer Care" miserable - any help?

Question asked by letsaskmikey on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by seatexan

Our family stayed there on the 23rd-24th.  We had pre-paid the room through the "Tickets at Work" benefits site that my wife uses through her work. Our daughter checked in first and was asked for a credit card to use for incidentals, and was promised it would not be used unless there was something additional to the regular charges added.

I was in the long line to check out and asked a Gaylord associate about an auto checkout. She informed me there was a system, and that the bill would be emailed to me.

Nothing showed up in our email, but suddenly our daughter’s bank was overdrawn. She’s a student, and we don’t keep more than $50 in it. The bank showed charges of $46.26 and $69.41. I figured the former were the parking and resort fees and called to find out what the $69.41 was. The associate and then a manager looked through the bill and said it was a “food charge from the Wrecker bar”. We hadn't eaten or purchased anything at the resort, so I asked them to fix it, but they said since it was after 48 hours they couldn't fix it and I had to call Billing on Monday!!? I've stayed at countless hotels around the world and never encountered this, I always call the hotel and someone uses the same system I was charged on and fixes it. The manager promised to email me a copy, again nothing so I called back a few hours later and finally someone sent it to me.

So I called Billing and left a message after the hotel manager and VM system assured me that someone would reply on Monday. No response all day, so I called Tuesday.

"Misty" spent an hour or so on the phone with me going through the details, now saying it "looked like a group rate charge", told me she was crediting the card and emailed me your PDF-link invoice showing the supposed credit.

A week later I still have no credit. Spent another 1/2 hour with an associate in billing since they said Misty was away from her desk and they assured me they could help me (didn't get the name unfortunately, think it was Clarence or something) who got my call dropped when he said to hold a moment while he looked up some more info but instead apparently tried to transfer me to I-don't-know-where. Then I called Customer Care (800-535-4026) since I was tired of trying the other options and explained it all for the umpteenth time to "Petrolyn" who said she did need to get the hotel on the phone and promised not to "cold transfer' me so I thought she would stay on with me, but she didn't. I got "Corlette" and explained it yet AGAIN and she said I needed to talk to BILLING!!! AAARRGGH! When I refused she took my info and promised she would get someone from Gaylord Corporate office to take care of it for me.

Email 11/6 from "Customer Care" says they will investigate and it may take 3-5 days! Inconceivable! I emailed back and told them it was already investigated and to just send me a check, wire the money etc. if it's so hard to issue a credit. It only takes a few minutes to log in, click some buttons and issue a credit. CC repeated the same on 11/7, basically "sorry but we are not actually here to provide customer care, just to put you off again". Called again and got the runaround, dead transfers and dropped calls again and no results.

I had seen Gaylord a thousand times but never stayed there, but our family had booked rooms so we met them there. Despite the outrageous food prices (minimum $27 for breakfast and $75.00 for lunch that day), we were about to recommend the resort to all of my friends and family since we had enjoyed our stay. But after this billing nightmare I would warn everyone to run away as fast as they can, and if they do stay there at least to not trust the auto-checkout and go to the desk to check their bill in person.


Please get a human being with some responsibility to take ownership of this and see it through to completion and get us our credit.