New low for LNF

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Tried LNF in Bangkok back in October and without luck, made some 1 night bookings and tried without luck. They didn't even bother to reply after 24 hours. Left with a warning about booking multiple 1 night bookings. Ignored it.


Have a road trip coming up, filed 4 separate claims (2x 1 night booking under my and Mr. account with alternate dates to avoid them merging the reservations) as we haven't got out plans settled yet. We don't know which hotel we'd like to stay and for how long and I prefer being able to adjust my stay online rather than calling Plat line.


This is part of the reply I got for approving the claims:


I got a reply this morning but still no answer to my question:


Thank you for your response.  Due to the nature of your inquiry, your email was sent to me for response.  I commend you for caring enough to write back and share your thoughts regarding the Terms and Conditions of our Best Rate Guarantee.


To clarify, these direct reservations were not combined, should you view each of your individual Platinum accounts, you will see that they remain in their respective accounts.  The comparison reservation rates you confirmed were cancelled to avoid duplicate bookings.


We have also received your additional claims for these bookings.  As these are duplicate requests there will be no response to the live/email claim.


In regards to the following term:


"Comparison Rates applicable to only a portion of your entire scheduled stay will not be honored; nor will they be valid for a multi-day stay if the total room cost of the stay is the same or greater than the total room cost through a Marriott channel."


When a reservation is confirmed, internally the number of nights is essential.  Most of our hotels choose to reduce the nightly rate if the number of nights increases, thus making a longer stay less expensive. 


When we review a multi-night stay, we compare the total, room only, cost.  If this is lower, for the entire stay, there is a valid claim scenario (granted it meet the rest of the terms of the Look No Further(SM) program).  Once it has been validated that the total cost is lower, we then adjust based off the nightly rate(s), not 25% off the total amount found.


As your stay is indeed a multi-night stay, we must take the entire stay in the same room type, and compare it that way to the third party site (regardless of multiple confirmation numbers confirmed).  If we review it single night by single night as it was confirmed, this is “comparing to a portion of your entire scheduled stay”.


******, it is related to your claims as we must review all claim the same to remain fair to each guest that submits a claim, to our hotels that participate, as well as our team members that are reviewing each claim. 


I recognize you both frequently submit claims to the Look No Further(SM) Guarantee, therefore you understand that we do our due diligence in validating claims when applicable.  I hope that you will continue to submit claims to the program and that you enjoy your upcoming stay in XXXXX.


Thank you for choosing Marriott.

I was speechless when I saw that (bolding mine) - to be honest, I use LNF somewhat, but not to the extent that they will recognize our names - I can easily think of a handful doing it even more than us.


The funny thing is that what I'm doing is exactly the opposite of what they don't want - using multiple night stay to score a lower rate and then adjust my stay. What I'm doing is paying single day rate which is normally higher.


Why can't I do Monday night, Wednesday night under my name and Tuesday and Thursday night under Mr's name - we will be paying with different credit cards and since Marriott accounts are individual accounts, what's wrong with that?


Also this is the ONLY way to avoid Marriott merging all the reservations together - I have tried to cut the first and the last day of a forced merged stay and calling Marriott is not fun.


I wrote back and ask for a further clarification.


This is really unacceptable.