Stuck in a never-ending loop with marriott's automated responses. What do I do?

Discussion created by rook1811 on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by phctourist

My wife and I have been trying to reach out to Marriott regarding an issue we had with our recent stay in Florence, which happened to be during our One Year Wedding Anniversary trip.  We emailed the hotel through the Marriott website and they replied to us with a non-satisfactory response.  We then emailed Marriott at (and attached copies of our earlier communications with the hotel in Florence) to get further resolution only to receive a response stating that Marriott will once again forward the complaint back to the hotel.  A few hours later we get the exact same response from the hotel....


It seems all the responses are automatically generated.  I'm a platinum member and a long-term customer of Marriott, but the recent events have left me at a loss.  I'm not sure whom I can contact at this point to get a positive resolution.  Any suggestions?


Thank you.