Merging Content - When does it end?

Discussion created by newhiltonmembr on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by insertcoffee

New announcement that MRI is merging the Travel Tips forum into Destinations.  What is the correlation?  Why do they find this an improvement???  It is just the opposite.


Last merge was Other Topics into Travel Tips which again had no correlation to each other.


Maintaining multiple sections in one travel forum does not require much, if any, additional maintenance or resources.


Guess their next move will be to get rid of the MRI site all together.  Maybe not a bad idea based on how much they have screwed it up over the years.


I am very tired of them mucking around with this site.


And, you have to pick a valid location  to post on this section when it has nothing to do with your post!  Just plain stupid!