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When will there be a "guarantee" for missing points.

Question asked by pey on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by pluto77

I know that on the second day after my stay if I don't get a message on my e mail, "Thank you for staying", I will be chasing points.


The points chasing process is ridiculous and needs to be changed.


We have a booking reference from our reservation and we have been billed. Yet if we don't get our points, we are asked to wait ten days and provide a receipt.......A receipt for crying out loud......Who checks out anymore at the desk? .......... Are we not all on the App? .........Does the App give a receipt? .......Usually there is a receipt slipped under the door, but not always and outside USA less so.


I think the time has come to put the accountability for missing points not on the poor ******* who did not get their points but on company who did not award them.


Just saying