Ready to try out the matched Starwood Platinum Status

Discussion created by rlswider on Nov 30, 2016
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My wife and I are heading to Munich on Friday to visit the Christmas Markets and have a little fun. I'm a long time Marriott Loyalist, platinum premier and have lifetime platinum status, I'm fairly sure I don't need any more nights this year to renew PP. I only say this because in my mind it allowed me the leeway to try a new hotel brand without any concerns. I could envision that as a real issue for many people. From my perspective the merger is a good thing that will allow many new options for world travel in the future.

Many of my travel buddies are Starwood loyalists that tell me how well Starwood treats them as platinum's. This trip has presented a opportunity to test what I've been told. I am familiar with how Marriott treats platinum's in Europe and am interested to see how the other half lives. When I researched our trip ( a points vacation ) My first option was the  Munich Marriott for a five night stay at 160,000 points --- sounded a little pointy for an off season stay but certainly possible. After some further research I settled on the Westin Grand Munich for 40,000 Starpoints ( traded in  120,000 Marriott Points)  for the same nights. This actually seemed like a bargain to me I'm not adverse to giving a Westin Grand  a try and saving 40,000 points. I am interested to see how Starwood treats a newly minted Platinum with a brand new account number and 0 nights lifetime.  I will report back on treatment, lounge, possible upgrades, etc... What I can't promise is pictures unless everyone is interested to see a close up of my thumb, perhaps I can convince my wife to take a few.