Sadly It's Official The Eagles Are Done

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The announcement that all music lovers of Glenn Frey and the Eagles new was coming is now official according to Don Henley.

Don Henley says the Eagles are done - it was always Glenn Frey's band - SFGate

It's not Glenn Frey, but a wonderful tribute.

Eagles & Jackson Browne - Take It Easy/Glenn Frey Tribute 2016 - YouTube

We were very fortunate to have been able to see the Eagles perform a few times here in Houston (Compaq Center now Lakewood Church and then at Toyota Center) as well as Don Henley and his band in Austin (Backyard).  Truly great talented musicians all of them, great writers and what a sound they put out for the world to listen to over and over again. 

I had the pleasure and I do mean pleasure of meeting Glenn Frey at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am a few years ago as he was walking off a green under the ropes to the next tee box.  I was walking along side him and just so happened to have with me (proper planning ) the insert inside the CD cover from "The Eagles Farewell I Tour Live From Melbourne" with the song titles and a picture of Glenn.  So of course being the polite guy I was I showed him the insert and he smiled wide, stopped and asked his caddie for his Sharpie to sign it.  He asked who it was for and since my Wife so loved his music so I spelled her name as spells it a slightly different.  After he signed it is asked me, "did I do it right". He did spell it wrong, but I told him "yes" although when he looked at me he knew he didn't so I told him "no, but it's perfect". We shared a good laughed and he asked me "think she'll notice" and I replied with firm "NO".   We both had a good laugh and he thanked me for being a fan, buying their music and for coming out to the tournament.  I'll never forget that moment nor will my Wife when I got home and presented it to her along with the tournament ticket which Clay Walker signed, another favorite of hers.


This is a sad day for me and my Wife learning it is official, no more live Eagles Tours or Concerts.

Any other Insiders have fond memories of the Eagles and Glenn Frey?