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Question asked by bleau5 on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by brightlybob

I need some advice. My girlfriend and I stayed at the Fairfeild Inn in Dallas TX last night(26th) and when we woke this morning we realized we needed to stay another night. So I called the front desk around 10am and let them know that we needed to extend our stay. She told me that since the room was booked through expedia that I needed to contact them. She also told me that "checkout was at 12 and not a min later". So I took a shower and called expedia around 11am, which was a nightmare! On hold for 45min and then trying to explain I needed my room for another night, etc.. At 12 I'm still on the phone and the lady from the front desk starts knocking on the door and told me girlfriend that we needed to leave now! I put the phone down and explained that I was still on the phone with expedia, but was almost finished. She said she didnt care and that we needed to leave NOW!.Then stands at the door with her foot holding the door open whiloe we packed. My girlfriend embarrassed, just walked down to the car. When I got everything pack and was walked out I asked the lady why she was being so rude and disrespectfull, her response "because checkout is at 12". She also told me that when we get the new reservation to let her know. I told her that in fact the reservation was complete but I would be calling expedia back to cancel because I refuse to stay at this hotel and she said thats fine, sounds good. Keep in mind that this hotel had maybe 5 cars in the parking lot, so she was just harrassing us because she wanted too I guess. Long story short when I called expedia back and canceled the reservation, i realized that the refund wouldnt be back on my card for 3-5 days, and I dont get paid untill tomorrow at midnight. So we are kinda screwed in getting a room.. Any suggestions PLEASE!