This Place is Awesome!

Discussion created by dewgills on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by carat

So I stumbled upon this well hidden jewel today.


I was doing a Google search, looking for info on my Rewards Status.  Looking for secrets as to how to go from Silver to Gold.  It seems that I will be a few days short, (with what I have earned in stays, and my MR credit Card).  I do have some more stays planned in December, but alas I fear I will be short.  That's when this place popped up!  How come I never knew this place was here before?  It's a SECRET SOCIETY isn't it????  That's cool, I have no issues with that. do I get info on the GOLD CHALLENGE????  Secret handshake????  Winks????  (I can wink really good)


Thank you for allowing me in here, I will learn the secret handshake ASAP.