One of the Best

Discussion created by phctourist on Nov 25, 2016
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On our recent trip to California, we were helped by many Marriott employees who made our special trip memorable.  Standing out, above them all, was Ryan Guslani, room controller, at the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton.   He helped us with several requests but one effort of his was particularly amazing.


My wife wanted a full length mirror and our room lacked one.  She mentioned this to Ryan as a comment and he immediately began a search for one.  He told us that our room was the only one in the hotel without one and he called several employees until he found someone who had their own mirror which could be hung temporarily in our room.  My wife was very grateful.


Ryan went way beyond what we expected and got that mirror for us.  He definitely deserves recognition as someone who goeas above and beyond what is expected