Minneapolis Airport Marriott - Review

Discussion created by clebert on Nov 23, 2016

Well, I spend a lot of time in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro whether I like it or not.  This time I had an event in downtown St. Paul.  Marriott does not have any properties in St. Paul, so I decided to try the Minneapolis Airport Marriott since the rate was very reasonable and I was flying to MSP, so this was somewhat convenient at least getting from the airport and back.


Hotel Minneapolis is my favorite Marriott property in the MSP area, but I didn't want or need to be in downtown Minneapolis, so that was a no go.


JW Marriott is at the Mall of America and very close to the airport and I would rather have stayed there, but it was $350 a night, and I was only going to spend time in the hotel to sleep.  So not worth the price even though it was a business trip that my employer was paying for.


Minneapolis Airport Marriott is older and a bit beat up and in need of updating, but still presentable and very useful for an inexpensive choice near the airport and also very close to Mall of America.  For $95 a night on a busy weekend (pro hockey and football games going on, college games, etc.) when all the other properties were $250 or more, it was a real bargain.  The property is quite large and has a pool, conference space, restaurant, and a shuttle that goes to the airport.  I walked to and from the Mall of America, and that was about a half mile walk and not terribly pedestrian-friendly, but doable nonetheless.


Service was good.  The CL was closed but they offered breakfast vouchers or 750 points.  I took the points as I ate breakfast at the Escape Lounge at MSP which is a great airport lounge for those of you who have Priority Pass access.


I would recommend this property if you can get a good rate and expect that it is an older property that hasn't been updated for awhile.  For $95 I was very pleased at what I got.  The nearby SHS and FFI cost almost twice as much, and I'd much prefer a FS property when I can find one.