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Points to Renew Platinum?  Worth it?

Question asked by clebert on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by vaboywnder

Last year I asked the group if I should use points to renew my platinum status since I thought I would not get enough stays. Turns out I did have some unexpected trips at year end that got me up to platinum for 2016.  But I don't think I'll get there again this year.  I'll probably be at gold for 2017 unless MR offers a points option to bump up to platinum.  Last year I think it was 40,000 to renew platinum.  The group didn't think it was worth it.


With the new SPG properties on board and a status match with SPG, is there more value to platinum?


Seems like the good MR benefits kick in at gold and I should not waste 40,000 points on platinum.


Having said that, we have 5 nights at Sydney Harbour Circular Quay and 3 nights at Sheraton Port Douglas and could really use an upgrade or perks at those properties.  Wondering if platinum would make much of a difference.


Also I am a points hoarder (trying to break the habit) and have almost 600,000 points so probably not a hardship to spend 40,000 on a renewal.