Toronto Marriott Bloor - A little cold, a little damp

Discussion created by manonlili on Nov 22, 2016
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I had not stayed at the Toronto Marriott Bloor for quite a while. It looked like they had done massive renovations and I was excited to get the opportunity. I often stay at the Courtyard Downtown in Toronto, and sometimes Delta Toronto.


First, this is the night that makes me a Platinum Marriott member!! Reason to celebrete. But...


Lobby and concierge lounge look amazing. Service was perfect, very friendly and professional. Arrived in my room and it was cold so I put up the heat and went to bed. Thank for the real duvet, because I was cold through the night. Woke up twice and tried to adjust heat twice. It pushed air but didnt do anything else. Asked the front desk to send a repaid man. He showed up and said this is as good as it gets in mid season because guest complaint otherwise that it gets too warm. It's snowing outside. Don't think this is shoulder season anymore. Anyhow, he leaves a space heather and suggest I don't change room as it's not going to get better.


Then, I have 15 minutes left to blow dry my hair. Guess it? Guess it? Yes, the fuze popped. I am now in my room awaiting for Mr Repaiman again. He no doubt will tell me I cannot blow dry my hair and have space heather going at the same time.......


Guys.... can you turn up the heat and give a little more attention inside the rooms vs Lobby an concierge. The rooms haven't changed really in 10 years.


Not worth the extra cost vs Courtyard Marriott and the Delta Toronto is lights ahead.


Yeah for my Platinum status with wet hair now having to leave for my meetings.