Did you know? Westin DTW

Discussion created by homoviator on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by ne_traveling_man

For many of you frequent flyers, you likely know this, but for the rest of you all, did you know that the Westin at DTW connects directly into the airport? They have their own security line to go directly in and out of the hotel into the terminal  It was off my radar for a while because DTW was my homebase  and because it wasn't Marriott so no need to ever think about it. However, as I came through today and I saw it again, I realized that it's now a soon-to-be Marriott and depending on the day and how many people you are traveling with, it could be a great place to stay at for a day if you have a long delay. They also have an indoor pool to take the edge off a wicked delay, like I'm in now ;-(.  Just putting this back on anyone's radar who might be looking to branch out into Startwood properties or going through DTW.