Room Rate Idiocy

Discussion created by wally3433 on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by tker

Marriott room rate structure is insulting.  Why does Marriott offer a base room rate of say $300, but then offer a package room rate on the same webpage for $400 that includes a free buffet breakfast for 2?  Fully knowing that if you booked the $300 room, then walk into the same restaurant for breakfast and pay $50 for two people to eat a breakfast worth half that much?


Or, better than that, regular room rate of $300, or you can book a "Spa package" rate for $450 per night, that includes a $100 spa credit.


This has been going on for years.


Are people really that stupid?   Sure, there are exceptions, but room packages, almost by definition, are a blatant rip off!


I think that this is unscrupulous and deceptive of Marriott.