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Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort cancelled my reservation

Question asked by jamesdean on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by clebert

Never had this happen before, let me explain. I was booked for 5 nights at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort, made the booking about a month ago (followed up with an email and a reservation confirmation number). Went to online to my Marriott account last night and to my surprise my reservation was gone. I phoned the Marriott Plat reservation line and the nice fellow said it looks like the Hotel cancelled your reservation. He confirmed that I did have a valid reservation and was just as surprised as I was. He phoned the hotel directly and they rebooked my reservation but didn't explain what happened.

I then went online again and now there was two reservations (two rooms) for the same dates. I ended up calling the hotel myself to cancel one of the rooms so as to not incur a "late cancellation penalty". After it was all said and done I asked the hotel reservation lady any idea what happened? she mentioned sometimes this happen's when you don't have a CC on file, which would not apply in my case since my CC is always on file, other than that she couldn't answer why.

Anyway I'm really glad I checked my online last night, to show up at the hotel at 11pm (late flight in) and to not have a reservation would have not been nice, read: tired & weary after a long flight.

Anyone else run into this glitch? and if so any idea why?