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2016 fall megabonus registration

Question asked by ericsizer on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by beauvallonboy

DId anyone, other than myself, find that the 2016 Fall Megabonus registration process was a little frustrating?  I found out about the Megabonus when I started getting the emails about I started getting the email campaign on "30 days of members get it".  As soon as the announcement was in that program, I signed up for the Megabonus program.  What I did not know is that starting with this campaign, nights prior to the date that you sign up but fall within the Megabonus program dates are ineligible for the program.  I sent off an email to find out why I only had 7 nights credit instead of 23 and I was told that starting with this promotion that no dates prior to the date you sign up are counted towards the promotion.  I went back through my email and the fall Megabonus announcemnt was buried in an email that was not a dedicated Megabonus email.  I definitely keep my eyes open for those emails when they come out but this one was in the middle of another promo email.  I understand the shift in the way they announce this because Marriott wants people to read all of the promo emails but as a business traveler, I can't scrutinize every promotional email from all of my travel partners.  I do hope that Marriott does not conduct these bonus programs like this going forward because it just makes it too complicated to try to keep up with this, my travel and just life in general!