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London Marriott Kensington. Bad experience

Question asked by monisame on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by pey

Average I don t think members are treated any different to diferent public, .but at this hotel my experience was mediocre at best. There was nothing platinum about it. No special greeting, no 'platinum welcome gift', no high-speed internet, unfriendly staff at the front desk.

I did the check in by the app, made some requests and an upgrade. The response was  "I will leave  notes on your reservation that you have requested an upgrade" . I am in London for business reasons, and my husband too. I was coming from New York and my husband from MIami. My flight was delayed. So he arrived early in the morning.. I sent a message to the hotel by the app telling this problem at the time I did the check in. Also called Marriott Customer Service asked them to add him as an aditional guest. Being there he was told that there was a room ready.  He took it, but for his surprise they did not gave him high internet accsees, only a code,  nor the entrance to  the concierge L., no coffe machine in the room, no complimentary water, nothing.  Of course  called from the airport and the girl at the front desk,  told me that the benefits will be given only when I reach the hoMarrntel.a  I  arrived by the midnight really  I did not asked from any perk I Only want to go away from there,   Upon check out by the app and personally I tried to speak with the G M, of course he was no on duty. Only received funny looks and and heard the staff  talked about us behind our backs. Of course the bill was done under my husband name, no points, no nights to count. He is not an elite member.  So what i did I cancelled the reservation for the next days, and moved to Xenia ny Autograph collection  a pretty new hotel, with an excelent staff.

Theou  if don't have status and all you're looking for is a shower and a bed you can stay here (after all it is in a good location). But if you have status and are looking for that special treatment when you're on vacation and not traveling by business reasons as I was, stay somewhere else!