When did you get Marriott Premier Platinum in 2016

Discussion created by npenn on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by lamechanges

Good morning everyone. Just wondering when the Marriott travelers got their PP this year.  I am sitting at 158 nights with 10 more nights before I hit Lifetime Platinum.  I will stay another 15 to 20 nights this year putting around 178 so here are my questions.


  • Past the points what is the real value of staying more than 75 nights?  It seems to me that it might make more sense to move on to another program like Hilton, which I just got upgraded to Diamond but need to stay 7 more times to keep my status by Feb 2017 which won't be a problem as  I'm on the road 4 days a week every week.
  • Is 178 nights enough to make PP?  I've read that the threshold could be as low as 125 but of course, no one knows what the number really is.  I've read that many hotel front desks don't know the distinction between Platinum and PP.  Why have add to a level to a program if customers can't take advantage of it?  So I should just stay 75 nights at Marriott, which I won't have to do after this year since I will be Lifetime Plat, because there is no benefit past Platinum.  Of course, Marriott is the loser here as that and additional $9,375 in revenue they would get to make at least me a bit happier (I spend 150 nights on the road so if I average just $125 per night x 75 night = $9,375).  You'd figure that Marriott would want to reward the ultra road warrior? 
  • Once you get Lifetime, did you see any differences at how the hotel treated you?  From what I read most likely not but would like to hear from others
  • I really enjoy the Marriott program but how do others feel for what is out there?  Hilton?  Hyatt? etc.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and gets to spend some time at home !