Phoenix Marriott Mesa

Discussion created by red-in-la on Nov 19, 2016
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Not my favorite Marriott and it's on my DNR list.  Lifetime Platinum member.


Check-in was ok once we got past the magenta Marriott sign being shown on the lobby floor.  Guess they think we don't know where we are.  Las Vegas maybe?


Got to my room on the concierge floor.  It went downhill from there.  The heat didn't work.  The closet doors had to be picked up to move.  The shower head leaked.  The carpets where, imho, tired.  They still had the hair dryer hanging on the wall.  The coat hook on the back of the bathroom door was half out of the door and the sink faucet leaked.


I called the front desk the next morning telling them about the HEAT, shower and closet doors.  That afternoon the shower wasn't leaking as bad.  It was still cold in the room and couldn't open or close the closet doors.


Called again the next morning and finally got the heat and closet doors fixed, hours before check-out.  Well, the doors sort of worked.  At least the next customer will have heat.


I went into the lounge to check out the "menu" after 5pm.  The lady in charge was very nice, unfortunately the selection available was somewhere between totally sad and mediocre.  Also, no beer or alcohol of any type.  Breakfast, again was mediocre.  And, again the lady in charge was nice and efficient.


The other guy who checked in with me had his sink overflow because it was stopped up.


I really don't understand why they let these room run down like this.  It seems dirt simple to get housekeeping involved by reporting the problems they see.