Last minute change of plans.... Stockholm!

Discussion created by 7 on Nov 15, 2016

As is typical with my leisure travel while I was looking at going to Poland the room pricing just got worse and worse. There was a 3 night for the price of 2 stay in Warsaw, but I was still trying to decide between doing that or splitting between Warsaw and Krakow. Decided to take the deal and just do Warsaw only to find that the deal was gone and the price was double. So, I went back to thinking about it and every time I decided to go ahead at the latest price I found that it had increased enough to make me rethink it. At least until I hit the point where there were just no more rooms at all.


At the same time since I was dreading that drive I'd also been looking at the price of flights to Stockholm. They were super cheap to start with, but I figured the cost of everything else would make up for that. And, of course the super cheap tickets are gone, but it didn't QUITE double in price and it turns out that the Courtyard there is cheaper than the hotels in Poland were anyway.


So, just booked a room and the flights. My Swedish friend mailed me a Foursquare list/map of places to eat that his brother put together so I guess I'd better go look at that and also study how to get around once we get there.