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Stolen items in Marriot and the manager wont help

Question asked by lydiarivera on Nov 15, 2016

I'm staying in the Residence Inn Grand Rapids West. Did my check-in on sunday Nov 6, my initial reservation was to do the check-out until Nov 18 but decided to spend the night of Nov 12 in Chicago (in another Marriot hotel by the way) so I did the check-out on Saturday and then again the check-in on Sunday and I'm still here.


I didn't want to travel with all my stuff to Chicago because was only a night so I moved the following things to a coworker's room (she went to Chicago with me):

*A big Samsonite baggage;

*a backpack from work (with laptop) and

*a couple of plastic bags full of all the items I bought during that week: one was an orange Nike bag with a pair of shoes and some electronic stuff I bought from Amazon and the other one was a big white bag from Marshalls with the things I bought there and in a Tanger Outlet nearby (ALL my chistmas gifts and clothes for me and my boyfriend so yes, I waste a lot of time and money on them). Everything with their store tickets inside and the tags still on.


Sunday night we went back to Grand Rapids, I took my things from the other room and 15 minutes later that I wanted to start organizing everything noticed that the big Marshalls white bag wasn't there, called my coworker and she said that wasn't there either. Went to her room and searched in closets, drawers, under the bed, etc. but couldn't find it.


Went to front desk and the guy there checked if something was in the Lost & Found, storage and the managers office considering the option that maybe I left it in my old room (even tough we are sure the bag was my in friend's room) but no results so he told me to come back in the morning when the Housekeeping Supervisor and the GM were there. I did it but never talked with any fo them, only the front desk lady, she told me to don't be worried, that she was going to talk with the Supervisor to checked who entered both rooms (my old one and my friend's) and talk to the cleaning team. After my breakfast I went back to the front desk and the same lady told me that they talked to the guy that cleaned my old room but he saw nothing there, that the supervisor didn't work on saturday so they were checking who else verified that the room was empty. I told her that I needed to go to work and she told me that they would reach me if something happen. 3 hours later and I haven't heard from them, so I call and they told me that still traying to found out who else cleaned the room. 3 more hours later I call again and now a different person answererd and he told me that he knew nothing about it because he just got in the hotel but as soon as I arrived to the hotel he would have news from the first shift for me. I arrived to the hotel and he told me that the 2 girls that cleaned the room didn't work that day so we must wait till next day so they can talk with them.


Today I went to the front desk to talk to the manager and he told me that Lost&Found is not Marriot responsability but this isn't the case, I left my things in my friend's room.


Obviously me and my co-workers from Flextronics are going to do the check-out today. Can't stay in a hotel where the staff steals and has the worst customer service ever.