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Guaranteed Room Type/Bed Question

Question asked by regulateinstitutions on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by mustanggt

I have a question regarding the guaranteed room type policy for Gold/Platinum members. I am currently staying at a Marriott Marquis.  When I made my reservation I was gold status and booked a Marquis Deluxe, Guest Room, 1 King, Sofa Bed.  Upon arrival at the hotel, I walked into a room and found that it was a Marquis Deluxe, Guest Room, 2 Double Beds. I called the desk and was told all king rooms were sold out and my king bed was not guaranteed.  I'm wondering if I have any leverage here or if I'm out of luck because I didn't specify ahead of time that I wanted a king bed.  However, I literally booked a room with King Bed in the title so I would think that would be a clear indicator of preference. I understand that the hotel is very likely sold out of king rooms, but I wouldn't think it was completely sold out to other Platinum members who were given king beds over myself.  I could always be wrong.



Secondly, which status matters in this situation, the Gold Status I was when I booked the room, or the Platinum status I now am when I checked in? Any advice or help would be appreciated.