SPG point transfer not affecting Lifetime points

Discussion created by solkua on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2016 by andrewt

When it was recently announced that you could transfer points between accounts, I was hoping that it would help me achieve Lifetime Gold. However when I did a recent transfer of SPG points to MR, it made no change to Lifetime points. Whereas transferring miles from United Mileage Plus or even points from Hertz to MR do in fact add to your Lifetime point total.


I think I understand why they don't can't because you can endlessly swap back and forth, but I was hoping that you would get to convert them to achieve a Lifetime status. I wanted to do so just because I am hoping that once you achieve Lifetime status that they will honor it going forward versus taking it away once they figure out the end state of the program.


At the pace I'm at now, I would have Lifetime Gold by February, but I'm wondering (concerned) if MR will start the new year with a whole new program.


Do we think MR would just institute a knife edge cutover to new program or do we think it will done with notice