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Expired points

Question asked by daytrips on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by bejacob

Has anyone been able to get their expired points back?


I logged into my account recently and received a notification that my points had expired.  I was previously told before by someone from Marriott that points never expired.


I contacted Marriott Customer Service and they informed me that they sent out emails and postcards about the 2 year expiry policy change, so they refused to reinstate the points.  I am 100% sure I never received any such emails (I just went though my entire inbox) and asked them to verify this, but they said they couldn't.  And even though I signed up for a Marriott credit card and updated my address, it turns out the address update didn't get propagated to my Marriott account, so I never received any postcards informing me about the 2 year expiry policy change.


It doesn't seem right that Marriott would change the policy without proper notification.


Any advice?