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Vacations by Marriott - Puerto Vallarhata

Question asked by becks on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by dinahm

I booked a Dec family holiday through Vacations by Marriott and have been duped into thinking it was through an official Marriott site! After 5 hours on the telephone with agents, supervisors and managers trying to figure out what a holiday with flight, hotel and taxes that was quoted at a price that I agreed to but when it wast billed to my credit card, was charged at $423 more than I expected. I have tried without any success to get this refunded to me. Only when I called the Marriott International offices in Maryland, was I told that Vacations by Marriott is a partner but NOT the Marriott as I thought.

Reading through other posts, I am wondering how Marriott can allow Vacations by Marriott to use their name and logo to advertise holidays that are quoted at one price but charged at another.

Now that I look closely into Vacations by Marriott I see that this is indeed a third party site that uses the Marriott logo and in turns give Marriott a bad name. I am greatly disappointed in the service I received. I am now concerned about the quality of the holiday I now have with Vacations by Marriott and not the Marriott. Has anyone else had this experience? Do you have advice for me. I am most concerned since we leave on this vacation by Dec 21 days for 6 days. 

Furthermore, I will no longer get my Marriott-SPG points.

I would love to get your advice.

with thanks,