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Is 80K bonus points for CC a gimmick?

Question asked by kevron62 on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by deannad

I recently signed up for Marriott Rewards because I will be doing a lot more travel in the next few years. I also applied to the Marriott Rewards CC when I saw they were giving 80K bonus points. I was approved immediately and one month in I saw a $100 credit in my statement. When I called Chase they said that I was getting a different bonus ($100 statement credit plus 40K bonus points) and not the 80K points. She said that promotion was not what I signed up for. I told her I would not have signed up for the credit card for the 40K promotion. She said that 80K promotion was not the bonus at the time I applied. Again, I told her it had to be what was advertised because I would not have signed up for their CC. She then said the promotion was over but every where I look, the 80K promotion is still up. I called Chase again and they basically said the same thing the first person said. So disappointed I missed out on $40K points. Is this a common thing for Marriott and/or Chase?