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Should we sue Marriott Rewards?

Question asked by cygnusalpha on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by insertcoffee

Short version of the story, my girlfriend stayed at the Marriott in Sydney for two weeks for work. And they didn't add the points.  A missing points application followed and still no joy.  They mentioned it was terms and conditions.  We checked and the stay qualified for points under the terms and conditions, it was an individual stay and not master billed.  They ignored the email for over two weeks and only responded when we said we would write to the CEO.  They have now invented a new reason which again isn't in the terms and conditions.


It's like they have forgotten why they have a rewards scheme.  Surely it is to reward people for choosing Marriott and to encourage people to continue to do so.  Right now they seem to not want to reward people for choosing Marriott and to discourage people from staying.  It really is bad customer service and bad business.


But what can we do?  These people seem hell bent on not honouring their own terms and conditions.  Do we sue them or just give up?