Poland perhaps...

Discussion created by 7 on Nov 8, 2016
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I have a 4-day weekend coming up and the wife's feet are getting itchy. Last night we were looking at a cheap flight to Stockholm, but there were only 3 cheap seats left (conveniently exactly what we needed). But, I hadn't gotten my leave approved yet so I didn't book. Got it approved today and now the flight prices have doubled.


So, we are looking at Plan P as in Poland. We've not been there yet either and it's about an 8-hr drive to Warsaw or 12 to Krakow. We'll save by driving instead of flying and everything there is much cheaper than Stockholm anyway so it seems like a good idea.


From the few people I've know that have been over there people seem to think that Warsaw is just ok but they really like Krakow. Basically a full day will be spent driving each way. So, I'm trying to decide between like 1 night in Warsaw and 2 in Krakow or just spend all 3 in one place.


I guess I could use my Cat 1-5 certificate at the Marriott Warsaw and then stay 2 nights at the Sheraton Grand Krakow. That seems to be about the best plan. No award availability on the first 2 nights so I'd have to go to Krakow the first 2 nights and then use the cert at the Warsaw Marriott on the way back. (This sort of thing is why I almost think the cert with the credit card is more trouble than it's worth. I'd much rather just have a flat # of points that I could apply toward any category than constantly having to be on the look out for lower category properties.)


Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions?