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Up To 50% Discount On Purchase Of Starwood Points!!

Question asked by etwhite on Nov 5, 2016
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I checked my offer and didn't get but 35%    

35% Breakdown: $682.50 would get me 30,000 Starpoints. This in turn would be the equivalent of 90,000 Marriott points.

If I had gotten the 50% offer, I could have purchased those same 30,000 Starpoints for $525.00.  Marriott allows you to purchase up to 50,000 points for $625.00. 

So if you are a little short on points for that special vacation and thinking about purchasing some points, now might be the right time!!

                                                                              50,000 points buying from Marriott  $625.00

Buy 30,000 from SPG then transfer to Marriott for  90,000 points --------------------------------  $525.00

This Would SAVE You $100.00 And Gain You An Additional 40,000 Points!!!   (Offer Ends Dec. 31st)

Here is the link :

I'd like to know if you get the 50% offer......  Thanks.............