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Mother/Daughter NYC Getaway-Advice

Question asked by rebeccakirahannah on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by pilam76

Hello All,


Normally I do endless research to pick exactly the right hotel but this time I just cannot decide and I am overwhelmed by the number of options.  I am escaping for an extended weekend with my teenage daughter to NYC in January. She is an avid theatre buff (and a published/produced playwright, sorry shameless mom brag) and I would like to stay somewhere decently close to the theatre district. That being said, the last time we were in NYC as a family we walked on average 8 miles per day from morning to night so "close" is relative.  This time it is just the two of us so I will have no "enforcer/protector, AKA spousal unit" with me so I don't want to venture too far off of my travelling comfort level. My daughter loves the concierge lounge concept and that little extra spoiling that she gets when travelling with me so I'd like to book somewhere that has a decent lounge. I'm toying with the Marquis, but someone said the Renaissance at Times Square was good and others made a pitch for the charm of the Lexington.  For my dates, all of these are coming up within my budget.  I'm not interested in doing any SPG hotels at this point, I'm just going to hit Marriott Platinum for the first time ever (without a credit card even ) and so I'd like to stick with Marriott for now.  Do any of you have some favourite gems in the big apple that you'd like to share your passion about? I could really use some solid suggestions.