Research Firm's thoughts on future Marriott Brands

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Here's an interesting take (well, at least to me, long time Marriott loyalist )  by Skift on the different Marriott/Starwood brands and what might occur in the future.

Who is Skift? (from their web site)

Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing MEDIA, INSIGHTS and MARKETING to key sectors of travel.

HERE is what we do: Skift DECIPHERS and DEFINES global travel trends.

HERE is who we do it for: MARKETERS, STRATEGISTS and TECHNOLOGISTS in the global travel industry.

  Glance through to your favorite brand and see if you agree. Marriott has been on record of late, especially after Hilton came out and claimed their distinctive brand identities, of working on fine tuning brand distinctiveness;

   Here’s what Marriott’s Global Brand Officer, Tina Edmundson, told Skift last month, a little over two weeks after Marriott inherited 11 of Starwood’s brands: “… In any industry, when you have 30 brands, you’re bound to have brands that occupy the same swim lane, if you will. We are doing work as we speak to solve some of those riddles.”
  Some highlights of the Skift article; (remember, these are their thoughts - it hasn't happened)
Autograph, Luxury, and Tribute being rolled into one brand
  LeMeridien and Renaissance being combined
  Marriott, of course remaining Marriott, but needing more differentiation from Westin and Sheraton. The Charlotte M Beta hotel may be very, very meaningful to the future.
Marriott Executive Apartments - possible combo with Element to take on Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO
  Delta - "nothing exciting about this utilitarian Canadian brand"
  Four Points - possible roll up into large footprint (and quite profitable) Courtyard
  Residence Inn - millennials man, millennials. Work-life balance and lobby socializing. Bring on the Mix, roll in the food trucks. Skift says currently RI has a reputation for loneliness and airport office parks. Hey, we could all use some jazzier locations. Like I say to my millennial contacts (and I have several, courtesy of baseball and millennial daughters), "see how many digital friends help you move".