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Chase Marriott Visa Horrible Service - Cancelled account

Question asked by 7trees on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2016 by mustanggt

I'm a MR Platinum Elite and a Chase Visa Premier Card holder. I just had to cancel my Chase Visa card after 3 years. I've never received service so poor from a CC provider. 3 Months ago filed the first dispute I've ever made with any card due to a completely defective purchase. Chase refused multiple attempts to stand behind their promise for purchase protection. After filing multiple forms of documentation and 13 calls to the 'Customer Service Dispute Manager' in Mumbai only to receive a 'voice mail is full' message on every single call I am forced to leave the Marriott affiliated Visa. I strongly advise all MR members that the Buyer Should Beware of Chase MR Visa. I will not own another Chase credit card product. I am an Amex Platinum cardholder and will keep all $250,000 of annual card purchases with Amex. Marriott must find a better Visa provider that values customers and treats loyal card members like Marriott treats their loyal guests!