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Platinum Challenge

Question asked by yuchihau on Nov 7, 2016
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I am wondering the rules of Platinum Challenge with Marriott. This year I stayed in IHG and SPG for over 70 nights (so I got SPG Gold and IHG Spire Elite). After the merger of SPG and Marriott, I got Marriott Gold because of SPG Gold. Then I was looking at the properties of Marriott's on the internet, they are actually quite nice. So I discussed with my friend and he told me that there is a chance that I can request a Platinum Challenge from customer service if I am looking to switch my stays to Marriott for the remaining days this year and next year.


So I googled and found an email address, sent them an email and got a reply in 2 hours.


Thank you for contacting Marriott Rewards.


We regret to inform you that neither Taste of Elite Challenges nor status matches are available to non solicited members at this time.


Our Elite levels are determined by loyalty which has already been demonstrated by our members accruing the required nights.


Elite levels are calculated each year based on the number of Elite nights accrued in the calendar year, January 1 to December 31.  Marriott Rewards members need to reach 10 Elite nights for the Silver level, 50 Elite nights for the Gold level, or 75 Elite nights for the Platinum level.


Please visit the following link for additional information concerning Elite membership:


We appreciate you choosing Marriott.  Thank you for your understanding in the matter.


It's basically a straight denial, a very disappointing one because I was actually looking at the bookings for 9 hotel stays in coming 3 months.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe someone from Marriott can help me as I am very interested in switching my stays to your hotel.


Thank you so much!