Drugs, partying and prostitutes at Oklahoma City Renaissance

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I was a platinum member now I'm gold, and I am about 10 seconds away from never staying at a Marriott for the rest of my life. I'd rather not air all the dirt publicly, however, I don't know where else to turn.  My wife and I were called liars after calling security three times at 5am notifying the front desk that there was a party next door at the Renaissance Oklahoma City. After the third call where my wife was called a liar and the employee hung up on her, I had to physically go down to the desk and get the manager and security guard. The manager literally came into our suite, and into the bedroom, because he STILL didn't believe people were in the room. My wife was berated by a front desk person, she refused to give her name, called my wife a liar, and hung up. Remember, this was the third call from us.


Long story short, turns out that our ears weren't broken, and there were prostitutes and drugs in the room, and all the people in the room were arrested.  Insane.


So, instead of having a nice morning in what was supposed to be a nice hotel, we were more than likely sleeping next to felonious activities, told that we were liars, and had to leave the hotel at roughly 6am due to the fact that my family was awoken by the manger coming in our room and the party ongoing next door.


There is much more to this story.  I called Marriott HQ, and was treated like garbage. I guess they don't think that my family means much given the fact we were feet away from drugs and prostitutes.  I couldn't believe it.  I feel the worst part is the mere fact that the front desk employees didnt believe us about a simple noise complaint, and had to be called three times, AND I had to go to the desk to get them.


Marriott HQ blew me off, stated they needed to get more information. What? Said they would call back; haven't yet .


Absolutely unbelievable.