Robbed of Lifetime Status?

Discussion created by spglifetimegirl on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by scubachef

It took almost 12 years but I finally earned Lifetime Platinum Status at Starwood. Marriott was always my second choice but I loved the Starwood brand and I stayed loyal to my choice.

Now, with the Marriott merger, I found that my hard earned Lifetime Platinum status will not be recognized by Marriott. I will continue to have to EARN Platinum every year to receive the benefits I already earned. I truly do not understand this.

I could see if Marriott took my earned nights at Starwood  (500+) and combined them with my earned nights at Marriott (300+) to make sure I qualified for Lifetime at Marriott (750+ nights) but I was told that is not an option. I have to start from the beginning and re-earn every single night just at Marriott. Does anybody else fail to see the logic here? Why should anyone  have to do that? I am sure there are many loyal SPG members and many loyal Marriott members who should be upset at this. After all, Marriott is benefiting from the merger of two large hotel chains. Why shouldn't their loyal customers benefit from the combination of the two as well?

Marriott Loyalty Program Managers- what is your logic in alienating Lifetime guests who obviously travel extensively and have shown their brand loyalty???