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Trouble getting the points posted?

Question asked by vpat on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by vpat

Is anyone having problem getting points posted on their reward account?  I have terrible time getting points posted on my account for a stay in October 2016.


I provided the reward number at hotel (in fact the reward number is on the folio).

After two weeks, submitted a "missing stay" claim and sent copy of folio.  No reply till now.

Sent email to member.updates@M******.com a week later.  No reply till now.

Called customer service and they asked me to send it again to the same email attention to a specific person.  Sent last night.  Points not posted till now.


I do not know how many people give up after three tries and do not get their points posted and forfeit them.  I have stayed in this specific hotel for over 5 times this year and never have points posted without calling or submitting Missing Stay claim.


Just had enough of this and about to move to another loyalty program.  Just curious if other have same problem or not.  Is this exception or generally standard practice at MR.