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New place in Ann Arbor, MI

Question asked by debbiebrown on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by homoviator

Though I am Green & White, all the way, Ann Arbor, MI is a great place for soooo many awesome restaurants and fun shopping sites! This past weekend I opted to do the town up right with my husband and a close friend who lives there in town. Planned an over nighter and popped for the Ann Arbor Residence Inn. Very nicely done! Beautiful decor, very nice exercise room and pool, luscious bedding, full kitchen and so much more.  Perfectly located to all the Ann Arbor treasures. Very safe area for walking about. The down side....first I thought I did it with points, but then maybe I did not, because it was not available that weekend, but anyway, was surprised to see the room was $299 for the night. Ouch! Very nice, but....not a hotel with fine restaurants and business lounge and all that. But ouch....and no included valet $25 or snack coupons or upgrade or.......(Platinum Elite Lifetime Status)

And then I was poking around that hotel site and was looking at the rates. Usually.....well...always....we do points, so I don't pay so much attention, but WOW how the prices can vary. Crazy...does not seem right...worse than the airlines. Understand, I am flowing Marriott in my veins, but the price variances are well, kind of a racket and make no sense. Check out the $649 nights!

See attachment of what I found and maybe some pictures of the hotel if I can figure it out!

Any comments!?

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