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Ugly "New Rooms"

Question asked by motel66 on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by insertcoffee

Does anyone else feel like they've just booked into jail when they enter their "new room"? Stayed at the beautiful, well, used to be beautiful, Falls Church Marriott in VA and was horrified by the rooms makeover (they haven't destroyed the foyer yet). All a dark greyish brown, the exact color of the box of the supplied Thien soap, and the exact color of the metal vent cover - gee, now it all blends together - is that why they chose that drab, depressing color with no relief save one lime green pillow? The second night I checked out early, couldn't stay the night, I literally felt like I was buried alive, in a dirt cave. The hall ways, and the carpet have been similarly made lifeless - joyless. So sad. The artwork, a manufactured giant crooked, violent bolt of lightening, was disturbing, hanging over the bed threateningly.The colors before were wonderful - soft, saffron yellow and a rich coral - warm, welcoming and soothing. Is this a communist plot? I dream in color, and do not want to live, and pay for, a dismal grayish brown, colorless life. If everyone complains maybe they'll redecorate all of these "neutral" new rooms, but I doubt it unless they see a drop in customers. Until then, I'll vote with my pocketbook. Of course, some of you will like it - you are welcome to it. I genuinely loved coming into my room there, everything about it, now I cannot even go there. Feel like I've lost a friend.