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Q - annual 15 elite nights credit

Question asked by aberwarn on Nov 1, 2016
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Hello from a newly minted Marriott Rewards Credit Card Holder!


So many questions!  Here's my biggest question: the 15 elite nights that are credited each year - do they rollover so they accumulate year-after-year? Or are all the nights wiped-out and we all start from zero each January 1st?


Second question - we signed up under the promotion that you spend $3,000 the first three months, you earn a bonus of 80,000 points, Additionally, one of us is merely an authorized user, and there is an addition 7,500 points once the authorized used also uses the card. Here's the Q - my assumption is  that the $3,000 can be spent between the two people on the account - not only by the primary person, correct? (I'm probably reading into the verbiage a bit too much....)