Look no further guarantee doesn't really work

Discussion created by calto2004 on Nov 1, 2016

I made a two nights reservation for Renaissance hotel in Hong Kong for the total of HKD 4851, which is cancel-able reservation. I then came across a much lower price on ctrip's Chinese website, 2429 RMB is equivalent to 2777 HKD for the same two nights, the reservation is non-refundable.


I filed a claim through Marriott's Look no further guarantee, I gave them the exact link and mentioned that I am okay to prepay my reservation. I did hear back next morning, however my claim was denied because they could not confirm the lower price. I then called Look no further department and was told that they don't take the exact URL link, instead they need to go from the main page and navigate to find the exact price. The agent told me to email back and tell them the exact steps I have taken to get the price.


So I took a snapshot of every single step I took from the main page, and emailed the back. I was surprised that I didn't hear anything back, eventually after one day I got email failed to deliver message. I then realized that replying to their email will send the email to not, is not a real email address. I don't know why they do this, but it certainly make customer's life harder to contact them.


I emailed back again (now two days already passed), however, at this time, the new price on ctrip has changed a little, actually it went down a little, now it's  2427.2 RMB instead of 2429 RMB for the same two nights. One day later, I heard back from Marriott, they denied the claim again, with two reasons. First my reservation is not prepaid (although I did say I am okay to make it prepaid), and 2nd the current price is not the same as what I claimed (even though it's actually lower than what I claimed).

I found this really absurd, if I have booked prepaid, with the way it went, there is no way I could have the claim resolved within 24 hours, so I would be stuck with my existing reservation. Basically Look no further doesn't really work for prepaid. Second, if by the time they finally find the lower price, it's lower than what I claimed, and still much lower than current Marriott price on their website, should they honor either one (what I claimed or the lower one)?


I used to love Marriott, always tried to book with Marriott, it provided nice promotion, now most of the promotions are gone, and with this experience, I really think Marriott is not as good as it used to be, and will probably book more with Hilton from now on.