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Early check-in via app....question/comment/feedback

Question asked by aberwarn on Oct 29, 2016
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I used the app to check-in early (the day before, Tuesday) at a Fairfield Inn in Florida this past week. On Wednesday, 3:30pm, I got a text stating that my room was ready. Great! We arrived at 4:30pm and were placed on the 2nd floor, even though our room request was a higher floor. (This hotel has four floors.) I questioned the room placement as we have checked-in as soon as possible in hopes of getting a higher floor and was told that when customers used the check-in feature on the Marriott app, that the first room ready is assignment to them, regardless of any preferences listed in their profile. Furthermore, there is no way the front desk can then change the room assignment, since the customer is considered checked-in. UGH!  So basically, we were told not to use the check-in on the mobile app. Has anyone else experienced this? Seriously seems to be a flaw in their system.