Trumbull, CT Marriott-No Customer Service

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Has anyone else had a stay here and have it go smoothly?




As mentioned in my other discussion, I was not checked in as a platinum member at this establishment despite presenting my rewards number and being granted Concierge access. According to the hotel, I was given Concierge access as a courtesy to my co-worker who had the reservation initially, but upon arrival it was switched to my name and was supposed to be changed to my reward number too. Per the membership agreement, I should have gotten $100 courtesy payment for not being offered points. The hotel's argument was that since they failed to type in my reward number at check-in, they didn't know I was a member at all, and are therefore not required to honor the agreement. In other words - the check-in counterperson's stray keystroke and/or absentminded mistake are somehow my fault.


After SEVERAL, as in double digit number of people and attempts to resolve this, it has gotten nowhere. Marriott Customer Service line sided with the hotel. The email based inquiry was not only not addressed, but I instead got a "hey can we hurry up and close this?" email that I was CC'd on despite no action, nor acknowledgment that I even wrote them.


I was assured by one helpful Marriott employee through this website that the "team" at that hotel would be contacting me to resolve (aka compensate me) for this. It has been weeks since I stayed there. There is no team at that hotel. I even had to confront a racist man in the breakfast area downstairs myself, since the staff was unwilling to do so. If the people working this hotel insist on being wrong, then at least own it. I don't know what they're afraid of, I'm not a big scary guy and I don't yell or make it personal. I'm polite. All I'm asking is to honor the membership agreement. This whole situation is ridiculous. In good faith, I've made several Marriott reservations since that stay. I can cancel them anytime; everywhere I go there is a Hilton that is just as good.


If Marriott doesn't want to honor this part of the membership agreement, then simply take it out. But don't have me agree to terms and conditions and honor them when it's convenient. I literally spend over 10k per year on hotels alone. And you can't honor the $100 courtesy?


The Trumbull Marriott is definitely off the eligible list of hotels. And potentially the Marriott chain. I surely hope no one else has this headache and I suggest staying away from the Trumbull CT Marriott.