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Miffed about "lost/expired" rewards points

Question asked by deardoc on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by iahflyr

Hello all,

was online early this morning to look at booking a stay for a ski trip this winter when I was horrified to find that my rewards points balance was ZERO!?!?!

I had somewhere around 78000 points as I last remembered.

In my account it said I had lost the points as of July of this year and in investigating online and on their app it's because off a new policy instituted earlier this year where rewards points EXPIRED!

I Contacted not one but two rewards reps who stated that they could not help me. Stated that people were warned about this new policy on numerous occasions...

certainly info may have been distributed and I like to think that I open every rewards correspondence as if they had sent me notice of me being given free rewards, but I must admit that is not the case.

with regards to emails... I don't know if they ended up in junk mail folder.

none the less I am quite annoyed with this policy being enacted on points that I had accumulated by patronizing their company. I feel if you want to enact a new policy it should affect points going forward from the date the new policy goes into effect. To essentially "rob" me of points that I earned fair and square is really BAD BUSINESS.

Im wondering what others think. Once again they "expired" in July not 5 years ago.

Has this affected many others? I know I read quite a few posts regarding others caught off guard and in this predicament as well.

Im hoping the company would/will do the right thing.

In going to book my trip this morning I guess I was willing to give them my business as I have in the past. Guess I'm glad I noticed this before I booked my trip. It seems their view is they appreciate your loyalty but their appreciation has a limit of 2 years. It's not like I stayed with them twice!!!!! And these are points I earned with that loyalty.

Well, let's see if anybody reaches out to me to straighten this out, because now they will have to EARN my business back!

Hope anybody else who was negatively affected by this new policy will chime in.

IF they do rectify this issue I'll update this post.