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River Cruise via MVC Destinations Points?

Question asked by tomd68 on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by tomd68

I'm hoping to plan a European river cruise in Sept/Oct of 2018 for our 25th Anniversary.  While we plan to use a travel package for airfare, using the DPs (Ocean Explorer) for the cruise, even just researching at this point, seems to be a challenge.  The cruise lines and routes are many, but finding availability for a cabin that has more than just a window (balcony or veranda - aka French Balcony?) is difficult, at least for less than 25/30K DPs.  Not sure what the exact cost of our desired 7 to 12 day cruise is, but 30K DPs is too expensive imo.  That would be 3 years of points for us.


1. Does anyone have some advice on finding more reasonable cruises? Hoping the lack of availability might be due to unreleased inventory this far out.

2. Have you had to decide between cash and DPs?

3. Is it far better and cheaper to just purchase the cruise

4. What is the cash equivalent of 30K DPs?


Thanks, any advice is appreciated.